If Britain leaves Europe all hell will break loose

Have they done that damn dumb EU vote yet?

I’m tired of hearing about it. if I see one more hashtag that says #Brexit I’m gonna shove a crumpet up my bottom and salute the Queen like the Scots do.


top’o’the mornin, ma’am

To Americans it’s an annoyance at the very least. We’re subjected to endless will-they-won’t-they soap opera back and forth all over a minor rules change.

Why would Britain want to leave something such as the EU? Doesn’t it make sense to have the same currency, the same trade deals, the same immigration policy?

It makes it easier for capital markets to invest, it makes the economy grow all around from that ease of use. Look at Poland — they’re doing well!

poland: better than moldova!

Trade deals are a no-brainer. Everyone has the same rate with the same partner – it’s like collective-bargaining for nation-states!

And immigration? Why bother with multiple passports when you can check in once at the gate and be free to roam the land?

They’re just rules – rules set by a central government that are supposed to function the same from John O’Groats to the Peloponnese.

If Britain has an issue with taxation, or one-size-fits-all-trade deals, or who’s allowed to immigrate, they should just take it up with the central government of the EU, who will act swiftly and try to solve the problem in everyone’s interest. It’s not like the EU government operates completely independently, setting rules for the entire continent with almost zero accountability.

come on, these people look like they have it together

It’s not like another system of governance in the 1700s that Britain has a great deal of personal experience with that attempted to dictate taxation, trade, and who’s allowed through the door to the detriment of those who were paying the taxes, living under the trade system and with immigrants allowed by that central power and only by that central power.

It’s not like a system became so overbearing, with a bland but arrogant “we know better” attitude, that those living under that system sought fit to develop their own system of governance, their own trade deals and currency, their own form of personnel management that worked for them.

It’s not like that failed experiment has nearly two and a half centuries later formed a world-leading economy under the maxim of social freedom.

It’s not like that example exists, or that the power they divorced themselves from is successful and amiable without them.

It’s not like independence ever makes anything better.